Code Compliance and Enforcement

Code enforcement and compliance is the key in the protection of citizens, businesses, and visitors of the City of Alameda. Regular inspections help ensure the fire code is being observed.  After a building is constructed, it is the fire inspector’s duty to make sure that it is maintained in compliance with the City’s adopted fire code over the life of the structure.  In Alameda, many buildings are older and have changed use numerous times over the years – often times far different than the original intended use.  It is imperative for Fire Prevention to stay current with these changes, especially in light of how others may be affected, specifically those who may be living, working, or visiting on the property.  Fire Prevention also relies on our concerned citizens  to contact us if they observe a potential fire hazard on a property.  We will immediately respond and inspect to ensure the matter is resolved quickly and correctly.  If you observe a property with a potential fire hazard contact Fire Prevention at 510-337-2120.  Fire Prevention's goal is to minimize the risk of life and property loss from fire.






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