About Us

The City of Alameda Fire Department is an organization of 117 dedicated, community service-oriented people who serve Alameda residents and visitors. We are also an all-risk public safety agency. This means we respond to all emergencies and hazards with the exception of those that are the responsibility of law enforcement.


Our services include: fire suppression, advanced life support, including ambulance transport services; fire prevention, and investigative services; community disaster preparedness, including Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT); hazardous materials response and mitigation; confined space rescue services and water rescue. We provide these services through Administration, Prevention, Training, Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Medical Services, and four strategically located fire stations with a minimum of 25 people on duty daily.


The City of Alameda has three strategic initiatives, which we also embody. They are: Economic Development, Employee Well-Being and Productivity, and Customer Service. We strive for economic development by streamlining our processes for business efficiency while seeking revenue opportunities to offset our operational expenses. We support employee well-being and productivity through training, career development, an employee wellness and fitness program, and by working in a collaborative environment. We provide exceptional customer service not only because it is one of the City's strategic initiatives, but because it is also the right thing to do. Our employees are trained, recognized, and rewarded for exceptional customer service.